Advantages Of Odessa Rebabbitting Services

If any of your bearings surface shows wearing, pitting, burning, blistering or damage, let us know. We will inform you whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. In case of they are worn out, we can get them rebabitted. This can help to can extend the life of your bearings and save you money. Here are the advantages of using our Odessa Rebabbitting Services.

Save money

The cost of repair is less than the cost of buying new bearings. Therefore, it is better to do repairs. Additionally, by fixing the bearing, you will reduce the machinery’s operational costs. Hence, you will save more money in the long run.

Increase useful life

By plating the bearing again, its useful life will be increased. We ensure that the work is well done, such that it will be reliable. Therefore, this is not a short-term solution. We have vast experience in doing this work as we have replated thousands of bearings so far.

Faster than manufacturing new ones

The turnaround time of plating new bearings is faster than manufacturing new ones. Our specialized technicians can complete the work quickly using our customized procedures. Therefore, we will save you time. You will be able to resume your operations faster and minimize downtime. Hence, the potential to suffer loss is greatly reduced.

Quality control

Oil and gas machinery maintenance is important and should be carried out to the required standards. We ensure that even the plating of bearings is under quality control. We use specialized equipment to carry out this work. Therefore, repairs will be done to meet the customer’s highest standards. The accessories will be left in a new condition.


We are industry leaders when it comes to Babbitting Service. We understand the need for Babbitt bearings. We have been in this industry and have a process of relating bearings to ensure they deliver optimal performance and results. Reach out today for outstanding help.